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The Lords Prayer by Nigel-Hirst
Thoughts and Deeds by Nigel-Hirst

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Saved, Sure and Serving(inside) by Rashad97
Visual Literature
Slum Shoes 1.10 by ArtNGame215
S.W. Chapter 6 pg. 2 by Rashad97
S.W Chpt 6. pg.1 by Rashad97
S. W Chapter. 6  by Rashad97

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Wealth by halogirl237 Wealth :iconhalogirl237:halogirl237 16 2 Wisdom by halogirl237 Wisdom :iconhalogirl237:halogirl237 17 3
Angel Tears
Imagine a raindrop is an angel's tear
Falling from heaven on Gaia's mortal fear
Weeping in unity their children's lost soul
Heaven's pure spirit evil now doth control
Eden of rapture consumed by time's flow
A lost utopia where gluttony doth grow.
Alluring serpent's lair humans covet the bait
Devourer of truth so poisoned with hate
Innocence now lost in maelstrom of desire
Purity long blackened by greed's hungry fire
The spirit debased evil darkens the heart
The nefarious abductor tears the soul apart
The moment approaches the farmer shall reap
Love now eternal for faithful lost sheep
Gnashing of teeth those left in despair
Time now elapsed for repentance and prayer
Renounce the darkness and take gentle heed
Embrace the truth be the Lamb's seed
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 46 9
Light Hug by VioletParrNarnia Light Hug :iconvioletparrnarnia:VioletParrNarnia 11 5
Listen To The Whisper
Listen To The Whisper Of The Eternal Wind
As It Gently Touches Your Ear;
Guiding You Through The Forest Of Life
Your Friend; Your Companion; Your Seer.
Listen To The Whisper Of Verdant Leaves
Adorning The Sentinels Of Earth;
Silently Watching The Passing Of Time
Its Beauty The Blessing Of Birth.
Listen To The Whisper Within The Heart
Where Soft Emotions Caress Its Beat;
Let Its Wisdom Flow Right Over Your Soul
And Dormant Love It Will Entreat.
Listen To The Whisper, All Three Of Them
Embrace And  Entwine Deep Within;
And When They Merge Within Your Soul
A New Pathway You Will Begin
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 59 42
Emotions Flowed Like A Raging Fire
As I watched The Birth Of Dawn
Softness And Beauty Of Stars Had Past
My Heart Still Heavy And Forlorn
My Spirit Was Ebbing I was About To Go
When Something Caught My Eye
A Solitary Cloud So Pure And White
Appeared From Way Up High
My Eyes Now Ember With Rising Sun
Saw An Amazing Sight
Within Its Fleece A Golden Glow
And A Butterfly Took Flight
Such Beauty I Had Never Seen
It Sat Upon My Hand
And Said To Me In A Voice So Soft
I Was A Spirit Of The Lamb
My Soul Was Open My Heart Poured Forth
It Listened With Silent Embrace
And When I Had Finished It Smiled At Me
With Serenity, Peace And Grace
Moments Of Silence As We Shared The Dawn
Then It Whispered It Was Time To Part
And As It Began To Fly Away
A Sudden Lightness Filled My Heart
I Watched In Joy As My Newfound Friend
Returned From Whence It Came
My Fears And Sorrows All Had Been Taken
By The Butterfly With No Name
Had I Seen The Truth Within The Cloud
I Would Have Witnessed A Wondrous Sight
For The B
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 68 34
Battle Cry
Depression settles as a maple leaf,
It drifts upon the laden soul,
And buries itself into subconscious mind-
Where even conscious mind doesn't know.
A battlefield of the mind,
One side raging,  one side kind.
For yesterday there was a war,
It came today, and It came before.
Which side won is obvious,
For you love hating life none the less.
But, there will be another tomorrow!
Oh the joys of so much sorrow!
It has power, but you have might,
So live boldly, and It must take flight.
It came today as It came before,
But you found the Truth and so much more.
Now my child, you're crowned victor!
For you stood proud, Depression defeated.
Yesterday's conflict shall not be repeated.
:iconlaurendunman:LaurenDunman 32 12
7-12-12 the day that changed my life forever
Something has happened to drastically change my life and I just can`t keep it to myself anymore! First some background information, the last six months have been harder for me than the entire rest of my life put together. I won`t go into intense detail because those of you closest to me already know it. Basically, lots of family issues just one after another each one worse than the one before. It was beyond difficult for me and it consumed me. However, this summer, the week of July 9th-13th, I went to Global Youth Camp. In the past, it has always been great, emotional, and God filled time. At this point and time, I was so broken and strained so I went to camp looking for some I guess direction and peace. The second day something kind of odd happened. While at camp, we attend two sermons a day preached by an inspiring, great man named Rodger. The second day, I didn't hear Rodger`s message at all. I could see Rodger and kind of hear him off in the distance but I was hearing a totally dif
:iconchappell301:chappell301 22 34
LOVE yourself for who you are by Angelic14 LOVE yourself for who you are :iconangelic14:Angelic14 20 15
The Fear of Death
The fear of Death is a destructive weakness. To fear Death one must first realise the amount of control the devil has on this world, however, to have the belief that there is such a monster alive today, one must also know there is good fighting against evil, otherwise this world would be hell on earth. So there must be a God, if they know this then what is there to fear? God has already won, when he sent his only son to die for our sins and rise again.
Christ has overcome death and all evil.
We shall not fear, just give your life to the lord and we shall have eternal life in him. He is the creator!
:iconangelic14:Angelic14 26 7
If We Would Only Love
If We Would Only Love As HE Wants Us To
Our Spirits Would Soar Our Souls Renew
Then Mankind Would See A Better Life
Void Of Evil Greed And Strife
The World Would Be A Beautiful Place To Live
If We Would Only Learn To Give
Instead We Take And Desire Of Things
Not Blessed By HIM Who Love Did Bring
HE Came And Said My Brother Man
Accept This Gift From The Golden Lamb
Some Did Listen To The Words HE Said
Others Did Laugh And Turned Their Head
As They Nailed HIM To A Cross Of Wood
Still HE Blessed Them As Only HE Could
The Years Have Passed Since That Holy Day
When HE Walked The Earth Taking Sin Away
If We Would Only Love As HE Wants Us To
Then Our Spirits Would Soar Our Souls Renew
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 60 43
If There's Someone You Love, Someone You've Wronged
And You Don't Know What To Say -
Don't Shrug Your Shoulders, Giving Up Hope
Leaving It For Another Day
For Life's Wake Is Short, Don't You Know
There May Be No Words To Hear -
As You Place The Flowers, Shed Your Tears
Upon The Earth Holding Someone So Dear
Your Mind In A Daze, Emotions On Fire
Wishing You Could Turn Back Time -
As You Gaze Upon A Loved Ones Grave
Memories Of When Everything Was Fine
If There's Someone You Love, Someone You've Wronged
Don't Leave It For Another Day -
With Love In Your Heart, Hug Them Close
It's All The Words You'll Need To Say
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 88 40
Once There Was Love; Once There Was Joy
Emotions Now Shattered Like An Old Broken Toy
Confused And Dazed, Wondering Why
Soul In A Turmoil Just Wishing To Die
The Brightest Day Now Shadows Of Night
Infecting The Heart So It Sees No Light
Thoughts Entombed By What's Been Said
A Loved One Lost At Twilights Ebb
Guided By One Whose Words They Believe
Not Seeing The Venom That Flowed To Deceive
The Only Hope Now Is To Pray To The Light
To Guide Them Back To All That Is Right.
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 69 17
My Place in This World
I thought I knew what to expect when I stepped off the plane but living in a country where I stand out as a foreigner is challenging. I've met a couple of Christian locals who are helping me get set up, but already communication is difficult. Even with all of that, I'm excited to see how things will work out.
I'm so excited to see how things will work out. Chloe's third birthday is coming up on Saturday and I have the party all planned. The decorating and cake baking will be fun. The cleaning up afterward? I can't wait to get that over with!
Man, I can't wait to get that over with! Algebra is totally not my thing. I don't even understand why an English major has to take so much Math. I would rather read ten epic poems than balance an equation one more time. Well, I guess I had better go do this homework while it is still fresh in my mind. Better head back to the dorm.
I better head back to the dorm. My shift starts in 20 minutes and I will be on duty
:iconhaunted-mind:Haunted-Mind 15 15
Why will I wait . . . .
Hmm, its been a few days since Valentine's Day.
And I remember looking at all that usually goes on during that day:  Couples being lovey-dovey, hearts all over the place, chocolates and other sweets being sold, and several other things.
During all of this, I've come to think of one thing that I tend to think about a lot:
The girl who's meant for me.
I don't know who she is, where she is, what her dreams are, is she alright, what does she love, what her interests are, is she a child of God right now, and several other things.  The only thing I do know about her is that she exists and I will meet her someday.  I don't know when and where, but I know that I will see her.
But I also remember that in Valentines Day, one sinful thing has come to my thought several times: lustful thoughts and thinking of "doing it" before marriage.  Like any other person my age, I suffer with those thoughts and temptations.  But kept telling myself to stop and
:iconponchofirewalker01:PonchoFirewalker01 18 54
The Phillipians to St. Paul
When light flooded your eyelids
& permanently blinded you
that was Jesus'
love, covering your skin
like the palm of a hand.
It was then you found you were as zealous
in persecuting trash
& the gods we make of our stomachs
as ever you were
in persecuting Christians
with the brand. How they
recoiled from you when you
began effusing to them
in fires & gibberish tongues! For the light
that filled you was eruptive
& though
you speak of your own life
as if it could be a drink offering,
you are a fire work
& we are attending the fuse.
:iconashellessmind:ashellessmind 72 47
All sorts of Christian works from around dA.











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Welcome to ChristianWriter4Life, where praising the glory of God is our mission! Feel free to join and submit your written works for his praise.

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  • Scripts: For skits and transcripts.
  • Visual Literature: Includes graphic novels, webcomics, visual poetry, typography, and graphic design
  • Songs: For works with a lyrical/musical component.

I will praise the LORD all my life;
I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.

--Psalm 146:2
Apologies to you all; I wasn't around DA this past week, so some submissions expired. If you submitted your writing within the past week, but it doesn't seem to have been accepted, please resubmit it.

To help alleviate this problem, I'm looking for contributors/admins for the group. Please give me a PM if you're interested and we'll talk about it.

God bless!
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I would like to start submitting my novel to the literature folder. It is allegorical. It uses a wizard as a God figure, and his incantations as the power of creation.  I would dearly love feedback from Christians on how well it works.
The novel talks about how dissfunctional families can cause all sorts of problems, including gang affiliation, which leads to evil and death. But a life can be saved and changed. It also talks about how violence is not always a necessary response, if one trusts in God. Thirdly, love overcomes hatred.
If this material is not acceptable for this group, just say so. I am a group admin, I understand how it works.  ;)
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   The first is a story showing the damage caused by broken families, and how rebellion leads to disaster. But a life can change . . .
    The second shows the damages an abortion can cause, even plunging a country into war. Yet redemption can be found out of a ruined life.
     Is this material acceptable to this group? Does your poetry need to be scripture-based? 
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It should display Christian themes, but does not have to be explicitly Scripture-based.
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